One simple way to get new clients

by | May 20, 2020 | Filmmaking, Making Money

A really simple way to get new clients is to create a short video for a business and present it to them.
I’m going to show you how I did it with this video for taco’s on Taco Tuesday.
Let’s talk about tacos first.
I’m a big fan of tacos.  My favorite are HARD SHELL tacos. I can’t resist a good crunch. And here in LA, there are unlimited taco spots at my fingertips.
To show some love for one of my favorite foods, I wanted to make a video showcasing a handful of taco spots in my neighborhood.
The video is 1 minute long and you can check it right here:
The taco shops featured in this video are:
  • El 7 Mares on Sunset Boulevard
  • Taco Delta on Sunset Boulevard
  • Taco Azteca in Glendale
Each restaurant is drastically unique from one another, all very delicious.
One of the reasons I like food as a topic for videos is because it’s universal. Who doesn’t like food? Food is a great subject for content because it’s pretty to look at and invokes the sensations of taste and smell.
These types of videos attract viewers of all walks of life and are a great way to increase attention on your work.
The other reason why I like to do food videos is it’s an easy way to get new clients. 
A lot of restaurants don’t have a huge marketing budget. They rely on word of mouth and someone on their staff doing announcements on Facebook and Instagram.
Some places have someone on staff who knows how to shoot pictures and can create a beautiful Instagram feed. But most places are focused on making and selling food that they simply don’t have the bandwidth to be creating fun, good-looking content.
That’s where you come in.
Make them a fun video, throw it up on Instagram and tag them. In most cases, they will love the fact you’ve made some really nice content for them. In response, they will repost it, follow you or at the very least express their thanks.
Afterwards, reach out or respond to them by asking how you can help them sell more tacos and if they would like to have a steady stream of content. If so, offer your services and begin the negotiation to work somethign out.
Here are actual messages I received from both taco places. As you can see, they both enthusiastically want new and fresh content.
Who can you go out and make an entertaining video for? It doesn’t have to be food. Get out and give it a try.