EZ Treat Dog Treat Dispenser

How Our Client Made A 647% Return With One Video

The Challenge


Vancouver based design company, Tails Designs, needed a killer Kickstarter video in order to secure funding for the launch of their brand new dog treat dispenser.  Their research and initial investment pointed towards signs that this device could be a hit, BUT they had a BIG PROBLEM; they didn’t know how to translate the technical features and selling points of the treat dispenser into a fresh video that not only included their key selling points, but would ensure viewers watched to the very end and promptly take action to enthusiastically part ways with dollars from their own pockets to financially back the project?

See the video below.

The Strategy

Who are we talking to?

Dream Nineteen’s first duty was to determine who the video was talking to. Admittedly, this was an easy answer; pet-owners.  But here’s where we took it a step further, what kind of pet owner. We couldn’t talk to just any pet owner, rather, pet owners with a little quirk.  Pet owners who are into well designed gadgets, art and design, fashion and things that can blend in seamlessly to their already well designed lifestyle.  Our audience was people who like cute, picture perfect puppies and appreciated the cute and quirky side of life, so we crafted voice with which the script was written to speak to an audience that would jive with that.

Campaign Girl

Our next move was to come up with a character that embodied those traits and act as an avatar for the people we hoped to reach. That was a character by the name of Anna. Fun, quirky and charmingly cute, Anna embodied the best qualities of a dog owner, as well as our favorite cute dogs.

Spice up the lingo

Tails Designs gave us a rough script with detailed descriptions of how the device worked. We put it through our Dream Nineteen “translator” and spiced it up.  

Sentences like 

The patent pending integrated cutter makes treat dispensing predictable and prevents jams. And don’t worry, it’s sharp but not too sharp! 


And the little cutter is reliable and prevents jams. And no, it’s not too sharp so no fingers will be lost. Only the souls of snacks.

Fun dialogue stays longer with the viewer. The more entertaining, the more engaging it is for the brain, the more stimulated, the better the chance of remembering.

The Results

The EZ-Treat Kickstarter reached it’s funding goal in the first 2 hours of it’s release on the Kickstarter platform, and achieved 220% funding by the end of the first day.

By the end of 31 days, they reached 1627 Backers with 647% funding.

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