Kitchen Theater is a weekly web series Dream Nineteen was hired to direct for actor Penelope Eaton.

The goal of the show was to increase Penelope’s online presence as well as showcase her skills as an actor in order to gain the eye of casting directors in Los Angeles.

The show combines Penelope’s love for both cooking and acting as each episode features a new character and new recipe.The show is shot monthly, 4 episodes in a single day, using one kitchen location.The minimal crew consists of Penelope, the writer, hair/makeup stylist and director/cinematographer/editor, Jason Ho.

The initial episode reached over 10,000 views in less than a week as the Kitchen Theater channel continues to entertain and grow.

Dream Nineteen prides itself in this type of episodic content and considers it to be our premium product. Episodic content brings people back to your website or business and creates devoted fans that will support your products for years.