Good meat is always best, when it’s FRESHHHH…

I rounded up frequent collaborator @mattresskenny and created my first horror video.

I love horror movies but never thought of making anything in the genre…until this year. So I dove into a bunch of movies and comics and went to work.

I wanted to keep the food theme featured in a lot of my other videos and was able to get not one, but two super cool old school Los Angeles eateries; Big shout out to Angelo’s Burgers and @fostersfreeze in Glendora for letting us film!

New to the mix is @oliviabrody who plays our scream queen. She also has a horror podcast.

@aleah.kraft.artistry nailed it on wolf duties for all the makeup and colored contact effects. We picked up the mask at @halloweentownstore

Music is a cover of Ozzy Ozbournes Bark at the Moon by @starslayerofficial

Lastly, this was also a collaboration edit with fellow horror officianado and writer at
@trailersfromhell Alex Kirschenbaum.