The Tools Inside My Camera Bag

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Filmmaking, Making Money

As a freelance filmmaker, I’m continuously on the go and need a good bag to carry my gear. I’m out on locations, usually on my own without any assistants, so I need a bag I can haul my tools in, but doesn’t get in the way. Most importantly, you need a bag that will protect your camera from damage.

A good bag should be like a good sidekick; tough, dependable, silent and around when you need them most.

The characteristics I look for in a great bag are:

  1. Size: Can I carry everything I need in one bag? The things that are a must for me are;
    1. Camera body
    2. Lenses
    3. Laptop computer
    4. Batteries/Battery charger
    5. Lens cleaner solution wipes and blower
    6. Portable LED lights
    7. Tripod
    8. Microphone
    9. Memory card case
  2. Durability: Can withhold constant picking up and putting down without straps wearing out or breaking. It needs zippers that don’t break. Weather resistant material to keep your gear dry.
  3. Lightweight: Your gear will already have plenty of weight. You don’t want to add additional weight, especially if you are shouldering the bag for an extended period of time on your shoot. Be sure it’s light.

I use a Tamrak backpack. Backpacks work best for me as I can keep it on my person, while it not being in the way. Shoulder bags can swing and drop, thus disrupting the shot. You can get it here.

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