Funny character names

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Scripts, Writing

The original script for this commercial was really funny.

As the director, I wanted to give the store manager character more personality, so I thought it would say a lot about her, as well as a create a funny moment if she cared about your sponges more than her employees.

The specificity with which her lines are written–she knows every detail about the sponge, but can not remember her clersk name made a nice contrast.

During the shoot, I asked the writer, Will, “I don’t want her to know his name.  What’s a name we could give him that would be a funny name to mis-pronounce?”  

He came back with the brilliant suggestion of “Dennis” which would then become “Deenis”.

I admittedly did not think the client would go for a name that sounds like a dick joke.  But this particular client was cool as hell and she gave us a big thumbs up.

What small details you can give your characters that show more personality?

Here is the original script for you to check out.