Ask talented people to work with you

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Art Direction, Props

Asking people who are really good at something to work with you can make your work a lot better. It’s pretty obvious, but for me it was a great reminder to put this into practice when I met vintage clothing specialist Jen Palmer and asked if she’d be interested in working on a photo shoot with me. In this photo, Jen transformed a plain motel room into a motel room with a vintage flavor.

I was at Time Bomb Vintage looking for 70’s era props for a photo shoot when I started talking to sales clerk Jen Palmer about props. She knew a ton, and her enthusiasm was off the charts. After hearing about her own clothing collection, home decorations and the people she knows who collect seventies furniture and home furnishings, I asked if she’d like to art decorate and supply props for the photo shoot.

She had never done a shoot before but was game for the challenge. And with that, she took off and gathered a selection of props, sending me pictures along the way.


My favorite piece she brought to the shoot was this awesome leather chair.  It added to the mood and ambience and provided a moody place for the singer to sit.



In addition to the props Jen brought, I found an old TV and a light-up painting on Craigslist, for a total of ten dollars. I’ve found Craigslist is a treasure trove for not only finding great props, but for extremely knowledgeable people in the antique world.  If you’re going for something vintage, Craigslist is a great resource.



You can find Jen Palmer and her clothes on Instagram.

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